Colin Kaepernick Gets Called Out At Brad Paisley Concert

(Left) AP Photo/Tony Avelar via Fox Sports/(Right) Michael Greenlar via

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks, then we’re sure you’ve heard about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his refusal to stand during the national anthem. Choosing to sit or kneel instead, Kaepernick said in a statement he is “not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”

Kaepernick’s actions have generated a swarm of media attention, with some praising him for his actions. But for as much praise as he’s received, Kaepernick has also been forced to face his fair share of criticism.

Based on their actions at a concert on Saturday (September 17), it seems that a crowd of Brad Paisley fans in North Carolina would not consider themselves fans of Kaepernick. 

Paisley entertained a crowd of 17,000 country fans at the PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte with 23 of his songs, including his 2003 single, “Celebrity.” The song exhibits Paisley’s signature sense of humor, as it pokes fun at those who let fame get to their heads and “think they’re cool” just because they happen to be on TV.

While he performed “Celebrity” on Saturday night, Paisley displayed a custom-made video that made fun of many celebrities and famous figures, including Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and Donald Trump. The crowd got a good laugh out of these depictions, but no one was laughing when an animated version of Kaepernick appeared on the screen.

The cartoon Kaepernick was seen kneeling on a football field while the players surrounding him were standing. Quickly, the crowd’s laughs turned into a swarm of boos and angry shouts. While Paisley did not comment on what he personally thinks about Kaepernick’s actions, his Charlotte fans made their thoughts crystal clear.

We wonder if the cartoon version of Kaepernick will be featured during Paisley’s other performances of “Celebrity?” If so, it will be interesting to see how the different crowds react to his depiction.

What are your thoughts on this whole ordeal?