Blake & Adam Get In Fierce Battle Over Michael Bublé Replica On “The Voice”

The Voice YouTube Channel

While the continuous bromance between “Voice” judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton has sent viewers flocking back to the NBC hit show, their hilarious fights for the best have always left fans in endless laughter.

Such was displayed in a clip of a promising young man performing Fred Astaire’s hit, commonly linked to the musical icon Frank Sinatra, “The Way You Look Tonight”. The incredibly gifted 16-year-old, Riley Elmore, graced the stage with his  harmonic tone and striking vocal resemblance to Jazz favorite Michael Bublé. Shelton and Levine immediately hit their much longed for red buttons upon hearing this young man perform, leaving viewers eager for the battle that would next ensue!

The judges, shocked by Elmore’s young age in light of his mature voice, praised the singer for his endeavor in keeping soulful music alive and well! Without further adieu, Levine went in for the kill to secure this sensational vocalist on his team! 

“Here’s what [Blake] is gonna do. He thinks that Michael Bublé is the only other person that sings this kind of music. He’s gonna talk a lot about his friendship with Michael Bublé and it shouldn’t mean much,” Levine insists.

Shelton responds with a confident, “Of course I’m going to.”

Levine goes on to mention big names, such as Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra, implying that Shelton isn’t familiar with such artists. To this, Shelton responds with a sarcastic and quite sassy, “Oh, I’ve never heard of any of those guys. Who are they again, Adam,” drawing laughter from the crowd.

Amidst the duel, Levine invites himself onstage with Elmore and begins to give the young man tips on his stage presence, hoping to earn his trust and his vote! The two transition into a wonderful duet of the previously performed song, leaving Shelton baffled, saying, “I’ll just say my peace. I know what just happened.” He slowly continues with a drop of name by exclaiming, “I know Michael Bublé,” in hopes of still having a chance with the young talent!

This hilarious banter is one that must be seen to appreciated! Check out the video below for endless laughs!