Using Just Three Words, Blake Shelton Describes Keith Urban In Most Amusing Way

Access / YouTube

Every season, the Voice coaches welcome a new advisor to the show to help them coach their teams through the battle rounds. Country fans anxiously wait for each new advisor announcement, since Blake Shelton often picks a fellow country star to work with his team.

In seasons past, Shelton has welcomed everyone from Trace Adkins to Rascal Flatts to help his team rehearse for the battle rounds.You can always count on Shelton and his advisor to bring a bunch of comedy to the show, since he typically picks someone that’s also one of his friends.

For example, Shelton helped make Season 12 of The Voice one of the most hilarious seasons ever when he welcomed Luke Bryan as his advisor. The two buddies couldn’t stop joking around during rehearsals, resulting in some rib-tickling moments for viewers.

Now, Voice viewers can prepare for hilarity to ensue yet again, only between Shelton and a different advisor.

On Monday (August 6), The Voice finally announced the battles advisors for Season 15, which will kick off in September. The list of advisors boasts not one, but two country stars, as both Thomas Rhett and Keith Urban will be joining the show for the battles.

Rhett will be working with Kelly Clarkson as her team’s advisor, while Urban will be paired with Shelton.

During an interview with Access, Urban revealed that Shelton “cornered” him at a recent awards show to ask if he’d be his team’s advisor. Being placed in that position, Urban knew he couldn’t say no!

Their interview was filled with a number of hilarious moments, but the best came toward the end. The two were asked to describe each other using only three words, prompting Urban to inquire if they had to be appropriate words.

After thinking for a while, Urban decided to take a serious approach and came up with three words to describe Shelton, “honest, charming, cunning.”

Shelton wasn’t so serious with the three words he used to describe Urban, calling him the “thunder down under.” Urban was caught off guard, and started to chuckle from the second Shelton said the first word.

You can watch their interview in its hilarious entirety down below. If it’s any indication of what watching them on The Voice will be like, we know we’re in for a whole lot of laughs this season!