Video: Golfer Retrieves Ball From Alligator’s Tail

NBC2 News / YouTube

How seriously do you take a friendly game of golf?

Kyle Downes shared video footage of his brother retrieving a ball during a golf match at Coral Oaks Golf Course in Cape Coral, Florida. While many golfers might consider themselves brave for going anywhere near potentially alligator-infested waters, Downes’ brother takes the cake.

Downes’ video, which was posted on an affiliate website for South Florida’s NBC2, showed his brother retrieving a golf ball that had landed on an alligator.

(Spot the object that does not belong in the photo above!)

“He’s gonna whip you with that tail, dude,” Downes’ voice is overheard in the video.

Ignoring his brother’s warning, the desperate golfer gathers his courage and lunges for the golf ball. The alligator reacts instantly, which gives both men a fright; however, ultimately, the gator slides into the safety of the course’s pond. A laugh of disbelief can be heard as the brother escapes danger.

Watch the full video below.

The lucky golfer not only reclaimed his ball, but he walked away with all four of his limbs. Would you have tempted fate to win in a family rivalry?

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