Want To Eat Trisha Yearwood’s Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner? There’s Actually A Way You Can…

Trisha Yearwood / Facebook

Trisha Yearwood, Country Music’s Culinary Master

A seat at Trisha Yearwood‘s Thanksgiving table is well worth its weight in gold. Not only would you get the chance to dine with Garth Brooks, but you’d be able to enjoy all of Yearwood’s best holiday eats and treats.

Although Yearwood started her career as a country music singer, she has since supplemented it with other ventures. She is now known as country music’s culinary expert, having an award-winning cooking show, best-selling cookbooks, and a successful product line with Williams Sonoma.


Now, Yearwood and Williams Sonoma are teaming up so you can experience all that her typical Thanksgiving dinner has to offer.

While you unfortunately won’t be able to join Yearwood and Brooks for the holiday, she’s making sure you can still enjoy her Thanksgiving feast. How, you ask? By delivering it to your own home!

You Too, Can Try Trisha’s Holiday Feast

In a video announcement, Yearwood revealed that she and Williams Sonoma have worked together to create a special holiday program called Thanksgiving Delivered.

Trisha Yearwood / Twitter

Available for a limited time and in limited quantities, you can order Trisha’s signature Thanksgiving dishes and have them delivered straight to your door for your own holiday celebration.

According to the Williams Sonoma website, the complete dinner comes with enough food to serve eight people. You’ll get the following in that feast:

  • A ready to roast free-range Willie Bird turkey
  • Sweet potato casserole
  • Mashed red potatoes (This is Brooks’ favorite dish!)
  • Rich turkey gravy
  • Cranberry orange relish
  • Cornbread dressing 
  • Lemon pecan pie

If you want to get your own bird and pie, the program also offers a sides-only option. For a lower cost, you can just get the two potatoes, the gravy, the relish, and the cornbread dressing.

Trisha Yearwood / Twitter

No Hassle Involved

All of the items in your order (with the exception of the turkey) will ship frozen. So all you have to do when they arrive is heat them up. Now that’s a no-hassle dinner!

In the video announcing the launch of the program, Yearwood also explains how she tops off all of the dishes you’ll receive if you order her feast. For example, she stuffs her turkey with vegetables and makes sure to pour a bunch of melted butter on her mashed potatoes.

If you want to learn more about the program, or just want to drool over Yearwood’s Thanksgiving goodies, check out the video below. It will leave you anxious for Turkey Day to hurry up and get here!