Watch Garth Brooks Hoot ‘N Holler During New ‘Voice’ Episode

Credit: YouTube/The Voice

The country legend definitely isn’t holding back when it comes to unleashing his wild and fun personality on the set of NBC’s hit singing competition and the contestants were absolutely loving it!

Pairing up with each coach from the newest season of The Voice, Garth Brooks brings out the best in every contestant and works super hard to make sure they are ready to absolutely dazzle America when they hit the stage tonight!

Taking on this season as its all-team advisor, Brooks made headlines last week when he announced his surprise visit and he surely caught a lot of the contestants off guard – as you’ll see in the video!

This funny clip of wonderful moments shows just how dedicated he is to helping this endlessly talented group of rising singers pour their hearts and soul into every performance and it’s clear that Brooks poured his own heart and soul into his time as an advisor!

Some contestants were left speechless, others at the verge of tears, and even more just thrilled to be in the same room as someone as legendary as Garth Brooks!

Check out the full video below that will give you a sneak-peek at his time on tonight’s episode of The Voice!