Reba Praying After Death Of Nashville Musician

Credit: YouTube/OWN

Undoubtedly upset after receiving the news of his passing, this country legend revealed that she was praying for the people who loved the legendary musician.

Reba McEntire is one who embraces the strong power of prayer and has always been open about sending prayers out to those that need them. Her faith and connection to prayer even inspired her to write one of the most powerful, yet beautifully simple country songs ever released, “Pray For Peace”.

Throughout her life and extensive career Reba has met and worked with a huge number of musicians, so it is no doubt that she’s likely encountered the man that the musical community is mourning today, Leon Russell. He himself has had a profound influence on country music and performed with some of the biggest names in the history of the genre.

It is with deep sorrow that his passing was announced to the world yesterday, November 13th, and many in the industry have written beautiful memoirs of their time with him, recalling some of the brightest moments in music.

Taking to social media, Reba shared her own and expressed her condolences to his family for their loss.

“Prayers going out to Leon Russell’s family,” Reba said in the caption of a photo she shared of the late musician. “Rest in peace. #country music #leonrussell.”

The photo soon received much attention and received many comments reaffirming her prayers and expressing sympathy for the loss of someone so influential in music.

See Reba’s full post below and watch her video for “Pray for Peace” as well.

Prayers go out to Leon Russell’s family. Rest in peace. #countrymusic #leonrussell

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