Buckle Up & Get Ready For Intense ‘Nashville’ Moment Juliette’s Plane Goes Down


Nashies, if you thought you were chomping at the bit for Season 5 of your favorite show, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The new season of Nashville on CMT doesn’t premiere until January, but the network is making sure fans do not forget the cliffhangers they left us on back in May. As you all know, Season 4 ended with the possibility of a reconciliation between Juliette Barnes and her husband, Avery Barkley. Avery took their daughter to the airport to meet Juliette’s plane, but it didn’t land. He was told her plane lost contact, leaving us hanging on whether or not she had survived.

In this brand new promo, scenes from the new season are shown, including the intense plane scene.

We see Juliette on her plane, which seems to be going down, and fast. The look on her face seems like she is seeing her life flash before her eyes: her estranged husband, Avery, her daughter, Cadence, and her Nashville family back home.

This clip is not long enough to get us through to January’s premiere, but it will do. It has gotten us so much more excited for the new season and we can’t wait!

Take a look at the promo below and prepare to be on the edge of your seats during the entire thing.