Why Tracy Lawrence Released Greased Pigs In Kenny Chesney’s Tour Bus

Kenny Chesney / Instagram, Tracy Lawrence / Instagram

Country music stars seem to love to play pranks on each other. Just ask Luke Bryan and his prank-happy family. Still, Tracy Lawrence recently opened up about a practical joke that is on a whole different level.

In an interview with CMT Radio Live + After MidNite’s Cody Alan, Tracy shared one of his favorite pranks, which he pulled on fellow artist Kenny Chesney. During the interview, the trickster revealed that he once recruited the Future Farmers of America organization to help him with the prank. He shared:

“I remember Kenny Chesney was doing a show with me. I got the FFA together, “Future Farmers of America,” I had them get me several crates of chickens. During the show, where people usually come up and lay flowers at your feet, I had all of these girls come up and set chickens on the stage in front of him.”

Hilariously, the prank did not end with the chickens on the stage. Tracy had another round of farm animals waiting for Chesney once he returned to the tour bus.

“It was really funny! There were chickens roosting all over the stage,” Tracy revealed. “When we got done and got back to the bus, we turned three little baby greased pigs loose on his bus. Now, THAT was a good one.”

For more on Tracy Lawrence, check out the following video.