Man Recites Lord’s Prayer As Tornado Passes Near Home

@mrtornadodisaster / TikTok

TikToker Mr. Tornado Disaster shared a video of a massive tornado moving through a neighborhood while a family in the home prayed for safety.

@mrtornadodisaster / TikTok

Video footage of the tornado showed it smashing through buildings and homes a mile or two in the distance. The tornado looked to be potentially as big as two or three blocks in width.

The man filming the video, along with another guy, began to pray as the tornado flung debris from the buildings into the air. It was moving to the left of their home.

@mrtornadodisaster / TikTok

It could have easily turned towards them and done some serious damage but fortunately, it continued to move away from everybody. We’re just hoping that there were no people in the buildings that got destroyed.

“This is crazy, I would have been running away from this 20 minutes ago and on the next bus to another city. No way can I stay in that building while the tornado is basically knocking on the door. Wow,”  Trending Views said.

Watch Footage Of The Tornado Below