Two-Headed Snake Found While Woman Cleans House

Jeannie Wilson / Facebook

Jeannie Wilson from Taylorsville, North Carolina was cleaning in her sunroom when she stumbled upon a two-headed snake.

She just had people over for game night and the door was left open so that some fresh air could get in. After everybody left, Jeannie said she was cleaning up their mess and that’s when she noticed it on the floor beside the table.

She didn’t want to kill it, so she put it in a jar and called her son to come look at it. He too was surprised to see that it had two heads. Jeannie then put the snake in a five-gallon bucket to give it more room to move around and shared a video of it on Facebook.

“OK Facebook… anybody out there know of a place that would take Double Trouble and care for him/her or should I turn it loose? It’s not poisonous,” Jeannie wrote on Facebook.

The video got a lot of attention, including the attention of the local science center who offered to take the snake. Jeannie agreed to give them the snake and they took it off her hands so that it could be housed in their center for visitors to look at. It’s officially a part of the science center now.

“[The snake is] officially a part of the science center and I can visit anytime I want. I do miss the little fellow…It was very gentle to handle and never offered to bite me,” Jeannie added.

Video Of The Two-Headed Snake Below