Woman Comes Face-To-Face With 11-Foot-Long Alligator In Florida Everglades

Conny Randolph / Facebook

A Florida woman named Conny Randolph came face to face with one of the scariest creatures possible – and she filmed it for us all to see.

An 11-foot-long alligator, known to the public as Snaggletooth, was out and about in a swamp in the Everglades on March 7. The gator got its name because of the large tooth that sticks out of the side of his mouth.

He’s been spotted many times throughout the years. Some news site claim he is 20 years old, while others predict he could be up to 40. Below is a video of Snaggletooth from 2017.


While Conny was in the swamp, Snaggletooth, whose real name is Loosescrew, approached her and got awfully close!!!

She recorded the entire thing and posted it to her Facebook account.

A swamp encounter with Loosescrew, aka Snaggletooth. When wildlife approach, slowly and carefully give them their space,” she wrote. “Listen to the almost ‘Jurassic Park’ sound this Bull gator makes before hissing his displeasure at my being in his way…. the sound is very subtle before the warning hiss.”

As Snaggletooth gets super close, you can hear Conny say, “I’m gonna back up!”

We can’t imagine how scary this must have been!

See the video below.