“Idol” Hopeful Cries After Luke Bryan Praises “Crazy” Cover, Calls It “Classic”

American Idol / YouTube

The American Idol judges got the chance to hear a number of country singers audition for Season 18. But Grace Leer managed to make herself stand out in the crowd.

She opted to perform a classic hit for her audition, choosing “Crazy” by Patsy Cline. The song, which was written by Willie Nelson, was released by Cline in 1962.

Cline scored a #2 chart hit with her recording of the song. It has since been defined as a country staple, and has been covered by more artists than we could ever begin to list.

Leer had a lot to live up to when she opened her mouth and started singing “Crazy.” But it soon became obvious that the judges were impressed with her performance, which was unmistakably country.

This is something Luke Bryan latched on to right away. After Leer sang, he praised her performance, saying, “Sounds like a classic situation right off the bat. And it’s not forced, and it’s great and easy to listen to.”

He was the last judge to comment, after Lionel Richie complimented her “clear” voice and Katy Perry noted its unique “texture.”

But Bryan’s comments were the ones that touched Leer the most, and she began to cry.

She said it has been a challenge for her to gain attention in the “saturated” market in Nashville, since she wants to maintain that classic country vibe.

To hear that that classic sound that we’re trying to do and that it came through, it just means a lot,” she said to the judges as she tried to hold back her tears.

Luckily for Leer, the judges had faith in her talent and classic sound, and chose to send her on to Hollywood! You can watch her emotional audition in the video below.

There’s no denying it, Leer is as classic-sounding as it gets.