Woman Swallowed By 22ft Python

The Independent / YouTube

A 54-year-old grandmother was found dead in the belly of a 22-foot python after her family reported that she didn’t come home from work on Saturday evening (Oct 22).

Her husband reported her missing on Sunday morning to the local authorities and then went searching for her himself Sunday night near where the woman worked to see if he could locate her.

She worked at a rubber plantation in the Jambi province on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia and her husband discovered her sandals, headscarf, jacket, and the tools she used at work.

He then called other locals and the police to him find her and the following morning they discovered the python with a massive belly nearby her work.

“When the security team and residents conducted a search around the rubber plantation, then we found a python 7 metres long. It is this snake that is suspected of preying on the victim. After we caught him, we found the victim’s body in the snake’s stomach,” the local police chief said, according to the Guardian.

The Independent / YouTube

Locals killed the snake and cut its body open to find the woman inside. The massive snake was said to have grabbed her while no one was looking and used its powerful muscles to constrict her to death before swallowing her whole.

There is a video of the locals cutting the snake open and finding her inside, however, we’re not going to show it on our website. If you want to see it, you’ll have to watch it on The Independent’s YouTube channel.