KFC Workers Lick Chicken, Grab Handful Of Salad, & Throw Fries For TikTok Video

TikTok / @georgiadel_06

A group of young KFC workers in Brisbane, Australia have made a lot of people mad after an employee of the company posted a video to TikTok showing her fellow employees licking pieces of chicken and doing other deplorable acts.

TikTok / @georgiadel_06

The video showed an employee pulling out a tray of chicken from the warming oven and then picking several of them up, licking them, and biting into one of the pieces.

It also showed another employee with his tongue out as he tossed french fries into the air to try and make them land in his mouth.

TikTok / @georgiadel_06

Another clip showed another employee grabbing a handful of lettuce, putting it in his mouth, and eating it straight out of the container.

“This is truly disgusting, even if you’re throwing it out,” one person wrote on the comments, according to News AU.

“I haven’t bought KFC in years and certainly won’t in the future,” another wrote.

TikTok / @georgiadel_06

The video went absolutely viral getting more than half a million views and was slammed with comments from upset people before the owner of the TikTiok video made her account private.

Many people in the comments were calling for KFC’s upper management to take action against the young workers. According to News AU, below are more of the comments that were left on the video.

“Is this what you were doing when I waited an hour for my food?” one furious social media user commented.

“Wait, is this what actually happens to the food after closing time?” another said.

A third wrote, “Did somebody say, ‘You’re fired?’”

Others requested KFC to “deal” with the situation, adding they were “sending this to head office.”

See Footage From The TikTok Video Below