Seal Viciously Bites Woman While She Walks On Beach

TikTok / @Deolene_Weskus_Livin

TikToker Doelene Weskus shared a video that went absolutely viral getting more than 8.5 million views. The video is of a seal attacking a woman on the beach in the Western Cape.

The Western Cape is a province of South Africa located at the very bottom of Africa situated on the southwestern coast of the country.

Doelene who lives in the Western Cape was visiting an establishment right on the ocean’s edge when she spotted the seal running towards a woman who was bent down looking at something in the sand.

The seal obviously didn’t want her to be there and started aggressively charging at her and that’s when things got out of control.

TikTok / @Deolene_Weskus_Livin

The woman stood up to take off running but was in such a panic to get away that she ended up falling forward and tumbling to the ground landing on her behind.

The seal was still coming at her at full charge as she slowly made her way back to her feet and started to take off running again. Only this time, she was running backward not able to take her eyes off the aggressive animal.

BAM! She fell again and landed on her behind once more.

TikTok / @Deolene_Weskus_Livin

The seal was hot on her trail and this time caught up with the woman and started VICIOUSLY biting her arm. Fortunately, the woman had a heavy hoodie on and it appeared that the seal was only able to sink its teeth into the woman’s clothes.

Once again, the woman manages to get back to her feet while fighting off the seal and starts running for her life. She finally gets away creating distance from herself and the animal and the seal stops its pursuit before the video goes off.

Doelene mentioned in her post for those visiting to be careful and keep their distance because wild animals are unpredictable in the Western Cape.

Watch The Seal Attack The Woman Below