Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Shares Shirtless Pic That Made All The Ladies Go Wild

Emmerson Miller via Cole Hauser / Instagram

On November 7th, Paramount’s hit television series Yellowstone will premiere its highly-anticipated fourth season. The show’s social media has been counting down the days for weeks, even months, with teasers and different trailers to get viewers excited.

October 31st marked the one week countdown to the special two-hour premiere.


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On November 2nd, they posted about the premiere being five days away and wrote, “This is gonna be worth watching, indeed.”


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The countdown continued on November 3rd, this time featuring country singer and actor Ryan Bingham, who plays Walker on the show.


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Another cast member who is counting down the days until the Season 4 premiere is Cole Houser, who plays the character Rip Wheeler. His character, and even the actor, has become somewhat of a heartthrob among fans.

He shared a photo on his Instagram and wrote, “Coming to get ya in 4 more days.”

His post garnered lots of attention, mainly because of the photo he chose to use, which was from a photoshoot used for PEOPLE Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue.


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Here are a few of the 10,000 comments he received:

“Sweet Jesus!❤️?”

“My uterus definitely just went from retired to fully awake.”

“Listen, I open my Instagram up during school pick up line. I audibly gasped. My kindergartner thought mama was having a heart attack.”

“Oh dear God…….”


“Have mercy”

“Is there room in there for 2 lol”

And the best comment was from his wife, Cynthia: “Holy shhhhh???”

There was definitely more where that came from, but you can go through the post and see them for yourself!

After Cole posted this on his Instagram, the photographer who took it, Emerson Miller, posted the full shot, which also garnered many comments from female fans!

See that below.