Young Farmer Shows Off Her Skills On The Tractor & Around The Farm

Laura Farms / Instagram

Laura is a 5th generation farmer from Nebraska and full-time college student who’s been showing the world just how complicated farming can actually be. Since her school has been shut down due to the ongoing pandemic, Laura has been back on the homestead helping her father and grandfather plant their crops while taking online classes.

Many people think farming is easy or that tractors aren’t complicated to drive. For someone like Laura, growing large crops requires a lot of skill, knowledge, science, and data. Just take a look at the inside of her tractor and watch as she explains what the different monitors and controls do.

While this is her first official year farming, Laura has been doing it on and off her entire life. Her family grows corn, soybeans, cereal rye, and turnips, as well as raising pigs and cows.

With the launch of her YouTube channel just 6 days ago, Laura already has over 9 thousand subscribers just by showing people glimpses of her day-to-day life and explaining her work as she goes along.

It’s farmers like Laura who work tirelessly year-round to put food on the shelves of grocery stores all across America.

Watch her go into detail on how she plants soybeans in the video below.