Young Woman Issues Intoxicating Cover Of Dolly Parton’s Iconic Hit ‘Jolene’

Samantha Howell / YouTube

A Song That Stands Out In History

You know that a song can be considered timeless when it becomes beloved by people who weren’t even born when it was released. One such song is Dolly Parton‘s “Jolene,” which has earned an everlasting status as one of the most highly treasured country songs in history.

Released in 1973, Parton’s alluring tale of a red-headed, man-stealing woman named Jolene captivated the entire country.

It reached the top spot on the Country Songs chart and was a major crossover hit, claiming the 44th spot on the Adult Contemporary chart as well. To this day, “Jolene” remains one of Parton’s most well-known works.

Meet A Young Country Girl That Loves The Classics

With such a strong history behind it, “Jolene” is a go-to song for other artists and aspiring singers to cover. That’s likely why young singer-songwriter Samantha Howell decided to offer up her own rendition of the song.

From Virginia Beach, Virginia, Howell has been generating a decent amount of attention online with her social media profiles and YouTube channel.

She often sings covers of country hits, including LeAnn Rimes‘ “Blue” and Kelsea Ballerini‘s “Peter Pan.” She has also covered hit songs from other genres, with her version of Adele’s “One and Only” being the most popular video on her channel with over 123,000 views.

It seems like Howell may stand a chancing at breaking that record with her rendition of “Jolene.”

Prepare To Be Impressed

Seated on her bedroom floor, Howell smiled at the camera and swayed along to the backing track before she let her powerful voice free.

Howell poured her heart and soul into her cover, resulting in a performance that was delightfully intoxicating. Her voice has that special country quality that makes it the perfect fit for the song, which is another reason why it’s so pleasant to hear her sing it.

Other than that, Howell also does an excellent job at connecting with the audience. The close camera angle makes it feel like we’re sitting right there with her, and makes it seem as though she’s singing just for us.

Samantha Howell / YouTube

She also makes a point to keep her eyes right on the camera, once again creating the feel of a personal serenade.

Tune in below to watch this talented young lady offer up her take on “Jolene.” If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the other videos on her channel here!

We just love the sound of her voice, don’t you? Which country song would you like her to sing next? We could think of so many!