Zach Bryan Stops Concert To Meet 4-Year-Old Girl In The Crowd Fighting Cancer

jesstilleyy1 / TikTok

What’s on your bucket list? For four-year-old Laylah Tilley, meeting country star Zach Bryan was high on that list. Tilley, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, has not had the hopeful and carefree childhood that every child deserves, as she was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year. 

Her mother, Jess Tilley has been posting periodic updates to TikTok as little Laylah battles the disease. This weekend, Laylah had a much-needed reprieve from her constant treatments to go and see Zach Bryan in concert. The mother-daughter pair brought along a homemade sign that displayed a checklist of four items: 

  • 4 years old 
  • Middle of chemo 
  • Go to Zach Bryan 
  • Meet Zach Bryan 

Three of the four were checked, with the one remaining being a meeting with the country singer. 

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Zach Bryan was able to fulfill four-year-old Laylah’s dream.     

Jess Tilley shared a heartwarming video of their experience at the Zach Bryan show on TikTok. You can see Laylah singing her heart out to “Something In The Orange” before cutting to a clip of Zach Bryan. 

After seeing her homemade sign, Bryan stops the show and gestures to security to let the young fan come past the front barrier of the crowd. He jumps down off of the stage to be able to greet Laylah face to face. She looks a little shy (who wouldn’t be) as Bryan signs her poster next to “meet Zach Bryan,” completing the checklist. The crowd can be heard cheering in support. 

via TikTok

Zach Bryan’s kind gesture goes viral. 

The video has amassed over 2.8 million views as of December 12. Hundreds on comments poured in praising Zach Bryan and sending messages of hope and support to Laylah. 

This is why Zach Bryan is the greatest musician of all time,” one user writes. 

Another adds, “We saw him signing her poster but had no idea what it said 😭 allll the feels tonight. Sending you all so much love, strength and prayer x” 

Bravo, Zach. We are sending prayers to Laylah and her family! 

Watch the endearing video of Laylah and Zach Bryan below!