13 Freaky Abandoned Places In The South That Will Keep You Up At Night

4. Old Taylor Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky

Old Taylor Distillery was built in Frankfort, Kentucky in 1887 by E.H. Taylor. It was known for being the first to produce a million cases of straight bourbon whiskey. Old Taylor Distillery was built to have a Medieval look with stone bridges, castle-like buildings, and beautiful gardens.

Many important officials from the state capitol would frequent the distillery and by the early 19th century, it was “as much a tourist attraction as the capital building,” according to Abandoned Online.

Taylor passed away in 1922 and his distillery was bought by National Distilleries in 1935 and operated it until 1972, when it was purchased by Jim Beam. Like Dogpatch USA, Old Taylor Distillery went through several ownership groups before landing in the hands of Peristyle, who re-opened it under the brand name Castle & Key.

It was abandoned – and freaky – for many years before Castle & Key’s opening.