Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial Spotlights The ‘Typical American’ – Firefighters, Military, & More

Busweiser / YouTube

“Typical Americans…”

We can hear that phrase being said in our heads in so many different accents. But instead of taking it as a negative, Budweiser spun it into a positive for the 2020 Super Bowl commercial, which will air during the game on February 2.

“They call us typical Americans,” the commercial starts out by saying. “Maybe because we live typical American lives.”

The ad cuts to a firefighter fighting a blazing fire in the forest and the commercial describes him as “a typical American showing off his strength. So typical.”

They also put positive spins on Americans being competitive, touching other people’s things, showing up uninvited, removing clothes in public, yelling, and being loud.

The narrator then says, “Typical Americans. Always celebrating with typical American beer.”

Footage cut to celebrations from the Washington Nationals after winning the World Series and the US Women’s National Soccer team after winning their second-consecutive World Cup. Both teams were dumping bottles of Budweiser on each other and shaking and spraying them everywhere!

We then saw lots of photos or “typical Americans” – people just like us.

“This year, Budweiser will celebrate the essence of the American spirit by spotlighting ordinary people doing extraordinary things across the nation — a message we believe is incredibly timely,” said Ricadrdo Marques, VP of Marketing Core and Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch

Watch the commercial below, and tune into the Super Bowl on Sunday to see it live!