7 Reasons Why We Will Miss ‘Duck Dynasty’

Facebook/Duck Dynasty on A&E

On November 16, 2016, Duck Dynasty aired the Season 11 premiere episode and in the days prior, they teased a HUGE announcement following the episode. When the moment came for the family to reveal the big news, fans were absolutely stunned.

After the episode, A&E aired a message from the entire Robertson clan, who were all present for the video.

We decided as a family, that this will be the final chapter of the Duck Dynasty series,” Jase said, speaking on behalf of his ever-growing family.

They promised that this final season would be the longest and best one yet, and so far, they haven’t disappointed.

Since we are huge fans of the show, we put together a list of 7 things we will miss the most about the show.

1. The Robertson Brothers’ Relationships With Their Wives

All the families appear on pretty much every episode of Duck Dynasty, but only one or two couples are the center of each episode. This way, we can get to know them a little bit more. We will definitely miss seeing the love between them.

Korie and Willie first met in fourth grade at church camp. They got married at a young age and started having children. Together they have three biological children, John Luke, Sadie, and Bella, and three fostered/adopted kids, Rebecca, Little Will, and Rowdy. See them talk about their story below.

Jase and Missy met in high school and also married young. They are parents to Reed, Cole, and Mia. Their relationship is fun and full of love. Watch a clip of them from a recent episode below.


Jep and Jessica recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and are stars of the spin-off show Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty. Check out a clip of where their love shines through below.

2. Miss Kay’s Cooking

Everyone knows that a large family would be nowhere without its matriarch. The Robertson clan is no different. Miss Kay’s house may be small (her and Phil live in the same mobile home they did when they were poor!) but that doesn’t stop her family from coming over all the time to visit and to eat her incredible cooking.

For years, people have been telling her that her food is so good, she should sell it, and she finally is! She recently opened up a bakery called Miss Kay’s Sweets and Eats in their hometown of West Monroe, Louisiana.

3. Uncle Si

When Duck Dynasty premiered in 2012, none of the family members knew how big the show would blow up or that it would turn them into instant celebrities. As most fans know, there is a crazy uncle who makes every episode hilarious with his hijinks, crazy sayings and always totes around a tea jug and plastic cup.

That man is none other than Uncle Si. Check out some of his best moments in the videos above and below.

4. The Kids

While The Robertson men have provided plenty of laughs, their children have delivered just as many!

Ranging from age 5-25, the Robertson grandkids sometimes steal the show. Check out the video above to see why.

5. Godwin and Martin

No TV show would be anywhere without its trusty sidekicks. While the Robertson family takes center stage in Duck Dynasty, there are two members of the cast that don’t share the same last name.

Godwin and Martin are employees of Duck Commander and extremely good friends to the Robertson family. You can see the best Godwin moment from the show above, and a hilarious moment with Martin below.

6. The Pranks

When you have a large family working together everyday, you know there is about to be some sort of pranking going on. During an episode of Duck Dynasty, the Robertson brothers got into a prank war that included flour, fake doors, and whoopee cushions.

There was only one way to stop the prank war, which involved the entire family, including the kids! Watch the pranking montage in the above video.

7. Their Faith

Each episode of Duck Dynasty closes with a prayer, and there’s a huge reason for that. Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family, refused to do the show unless they were able to do so in every single episode.

They normally close with the family around the dinner table reflecting on their day and praying together.

What part of Duck Dynasty will you miss the most? Let us know in the comments and make sure to watch the final three episodes of the series on Wednesdays at 9/8c.