Gary Rossington Through The Years: A Photographic Look At The Real ‘Last Rebel’

(Left & Right)Tom Hill / Contributor / Getty Images/ (Middle) Rick Diamond / Staff / Getty Images

On December 4, 1951, Gary Robert Rossington was born in Jacksonville, Florida. No one knew it at the time, but that city would one day serve as far more than Rossington’s birthplace. It would serve as a birthplace of Southern rock.

In that same city, a handful of other Southern boys were born that would one day know and befriend Gary. As young boys do sometimes, they decided to form a band. That band was Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Through triumph and tragedy, joy and sadness, one man has been there for Skynyrd’s entire ride, which stretches over the course of multiple decades, and counting. That one man is Gary.

Now the last surviving member of the original band in the current lineup, Gary has continued to rock fans’ worlds with his guitar playing, which is just as pristine and skillful as ever. Despite everything that the band has been through over the years, Gary and his guitar have been the two constants they have always been able to rely on.

In honor of Gary and his immense contributions to Skynyrd, we’d like to take a photographic look back at his career. So go ahead and turn up his solo in “Tuesday’s Gone,” and prepare for a stroll down memory lane with the man who literally serves as Skynyrd’s living history book.