1-Mile-Long Florida Bridge Cracks – Officials Close It

Stuart Police Dept / Twitter

According to the police department in Stuart, Florida, who posted a tweet on June 16th, 2020, the Roosevelt Bridge is closed due to a large crack in the bridge.


US Coast Guard is warning that the bridge may soon fail after an inspection was performed on the bridge. Stuart Mayor Mike Meier spoke out on the issue and said that the 24-year-old bridge is not going to immediately collapse.

“Let me be clear: There is no evidence to suggest that the bridge will collapse imminently,” MSN reported Mayor Meier saying.


The Florida Department of Transportation said they discovered the crack in the bridge on Tuesday during a routine inspection that they perform every two years. The investigation uncovered that a chunk of the bridge fell off and exposed some rusted steel cables.

Once reported to the authorities, they decided to closed down a portion of Dixie Highway (the Old Roosevelt bridge) that goes underneath the new bridge as well as both the northbound and southbound ways on the Roosevelt bridge.

The mayor said both sides of the bridge show structural damage and declared that the bridge is closed until further notice to keep the population safe.

Photos Of The Cracked Bridge In The Video Below