11 Months After ‘Tin Man,’ Miranda Lambert Finally Releases New Single

Tim Mosenfelder / Contributor / Getty Images

Hard to believe it, but Miranda Lambert‘s “Tin Man” is nearly a year-old single. The emotional track, which tackles the topic of heartbreak head-on, was released to country radio on April 7, 2017.

The song was critically acclaimed, and earned nominations at both the CMA Awards and the Grammys. Despite this, the song never charted higher than the 15th spot on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Once “Tin Man” started to fall down the charts, fans were expecting Lambert to release a new single any day. But one never came, which was puzzling.

It’s practically unheard of for artists to put so much space between singles, unless of course, they are between albums. But even though Lambert’s latest album The Weight of These Wings was released in 2016, it has 24 songs for her to choose from.

Just when it seemed like we wouldn’t be getting another single from The Weight of These Wings, Lambert finally announced a new release on Tuesday (March 20).

On April 16, over a year after “Tin Man” started its run, Lambert plans to release “Keeper of the Flame” as her next single. Featured as the eighth track on the second disc of The Weight of These Wings, “Keeper of the Flame” was written by Lambert, Natalie Hemby, and Liz Rose.

The song is all about Lambert serving as the bearer of the torch for the artists who came before her. She sings of how she sees it as her duty to continue to tell their stories, as well as her own.

Fans are more than familiar with the song at this point, which has been a regular part of Lambert’s sets for a while. It even served as the name of one of her past tours!

But just in case you haven’t heard “Keeper of the Flame” yet, we have it here for you. Give it a listen, then let us know what you think. Could this be a big hit for Lambert?