Blake Shelton & Jimmy Fallon Laugh While Getting Their Palms Read

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

From taking him out to lavish Japanese dinners and taking him on exciting new roller coasters, talk show host Jimmy Fallon is always trying to show his pal Blake Shelton the finer things in life, whether the country singer likes it or not.

In promotion of his 2018 album Texoma Shore, Shelton appeared on The Tonight Show, the talk show host taking the country singer out to get their palms read from acclaimed fortune teller, Madame Fahrusha.

“We’re about to get our palms read, and I’m a little psychic myself, and I can tell that you’re psyched to do this,” said Fallon to a visibly annoyed Shelton.

“Shut up, let’s just go,” said Shelton clearly wanting to get the experience over with.

Fallon and Shelton then entered the work place of Madame Fahrusha in hopes of getting a glimpse into their futures. However, shortly in their reading, it became clear the two did not take it seriously at all. While reading Shelton’s palm, Madame Fahrusha said she can tell he gives a lot to charity, the country singer taking the opportunity to take a shot at Fallon.

“Me being on your show to try and help it, that kinda charity,” Shelton joked to Fallon.

Ignoring the country singer’s comment, the fortune teller continued her reading on his palm, finding that his palm indicated he is overdoing something in his life.

“Too much eating, too much drinking, too much sex,” read Madame Fahrusha.

“Wait, what was that last one?” asked Shelton, clearly proud of his reading.

“Two out three ain’t bad,” joked Fallon.

Absolutely hilarious! You can watch it all go down in the video below!