11-Year-Old Delivers Stunning Rendition Of “O Holy Night”

amirawillighagen / YouTube

Proving that age-old saying that “big things often come in small packages,” an 11-year-old girl delivers a spine-tingling rendition of Christmas classic “O Holy Night” that will leave you in tears.

Amira Willighagen was invited by the German-based Nijegen Men’s Choir to perform alongside them at their annual Christmas concert for a crowd filled by hundreds. The young girl radiates emotion through her soft yet powerful vocals, performing at a level that will leave even seasoned vocalists green with envy.

Amira won the sixth season of Holland’s Got Talent back in 2013 at only 9 years old.

With an angelic voice like hers, it’s easy to see why. She released her debut album, Amira, in 2014, reaching Gold status a short two weeks later.

Known mostly for singing classical music, such as “Ave Maria,” her second album was a holiday-themed one titled Merry Christmas.

The history of “O, Holy Night”

“O Holy Night,” a timeless Christmas carol, carries a rich history that intertwines music, faith, and a profound message of hope. Composed in 1847, the lyrics were penned by Placide Cappeau, a wine merchant, poet, and occasional church choir member from France. Cappeau’s poem, “Minuit, Chrétiens” (“Midnight, Christians”), was embraced for its eloquence and emotive portrayal of the Nativity.

The poem caught the attention of Adolphe Adam, a prolific composer, who set Cappeau’s words to music. Adam’s composition elevated the poem into the celebrated carol known today as “O Holy Night.” Despite its initial success, the song faced controversy as Cappeau was an avowed socialist and the song was frowned upon by the church for its author’s beliefs.

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However, the song’s universal message of peace and the birth of Jesus transcended these controversies. It gained popularity among both religious and secular audiences. Its powerful narrative, sung in various languages worldwide, continues to resonate, symbolizing the miracle and beauty of Christmas.

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Over the years, “O Holy Night” has been performed by numerous artists, each rendition adding a unique touch while preserving the song’s essence. Its stirring melody and poignant lyrics consistently remind listeners of the spiritual significance of the holiday season, making it an enduring classic cherished by generations.

You can watch her chilling rendition of “O Holy Night” in the video below!