118th Army-Navy Showdown Brings Out Snowy National Anthem Performance

YouTube/American Snippets

For one of the biggest moments of the year in our great nation, two academies put their talented choral groups together to celebrate our patriotism and unity before the 2017 Army-Navy game!

Singing together in unison and pouring every bit of their heart and soul into this performance, both the U.S. Naval Academy Glee Club and the West Point Glee Club stand side-by-side in this epic salute to our blessed nation with their chilling rendition of the National Anthem.

American Snippets / YouTube

As snow fell on the field, the massive choral force delivered resounding, perfect notes through each verse of this age-old song, reminding all who watched of the unity our great country stands for before these two academies took the field for a football match like no other.

This was the 118th meeting of the two teams and is one of the greatest sports traditions our nation holds, with a massive crowd filled with active and former military members there to cheer on their favorite team.

American Snippets / YouTube

Watch this unforgettable performance of The Star Spangled BannerĀ in the video below and prepare for chills!