Garth Brooks Says He Wants To Sing With Carrie Underwood’s Husband Mike Fisher

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Who Garth Wants To Sing With

Prior to a show in Nashville in December 2017, media members gathered to ask Garth Brooks and his wife, Trisha Yearwood, a series of questions. Since the couple was performing in Music City, the reporters couldn’t help but wonder if they would be welcoming any famous guests to the stage during their concerts there.

Instead of naming any definite guests, Brooks revealed the one star he’d love to sing with in Nashville. In fact, he has asked him time and time again to come perform at one of his shows, but he has never said “yes” yet!

Based on that information alone, you’d think that Brooks’ ideal duet partner is one of country music’s hottest artists, such as Chris Stapleton or Blake Shelton. But that’s not the case.

As it turns out, Brooks dreams of singing a duet with retired Predators player Mike Fisher, who also just so happens to be married to Carrie Underwood!

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What Prompted This Desire?

So why is Brooks so anxious to sing in Nashville with Fisher?

Well, his desire to collaborate with Fisher actually dates all the way back to January 2016. That month, Underwood shared a video of Fisher singing along to Brooks’ hit song “The River” while driving in the car. Brooks was impressed by Fisher’s set of pipes, and invited him to come sing with him the next time he made a tour stop in Nashville.

That’s exactly what Fisher did, though their duet didn’t take place on the concert stage like Brooks had probably intended for it to. The two sang a short snippet of “The River” in the backstage area instead, which was still enough to make Underwood jealous.

How is it that my hubby, @mfisher1212 gets to sing with THE @garthbrooks before I do?” Underwood wrote along with a video of Fisher and Brooks’ backstage performance.

But that backstage collaboration apparently wasn’t enough for Brooks, and he has been trying to get Fisher to join him on the stage ever since.

Will This Duet Ever Happen?

According to Brooks, he has called numerous times asking Fisher to come sing with him, but he chickens out.

I bet you, the phone calls, there’s been a hundred of them,” said Brooks, “‘I’m heading out again…I’m heading out again…’ Nope! He’s scared to death.”

For Brooks, the main reason why he wants to sing with Fisher isn’t just to drag him out in front of a large audience. Rather, he said that he’d find a great deal of happiness from singing with someone like Fisher.

“I don’t think there’d be a better joy for me though,” Brooks said. “You’re talking artists, I’m talking a kid who represents his talent great and classy, and has a pretty good singing voice too.”

You can listen to Brooks talk more about his admiration for Fisher in the clip below. He starts speaking about him and their future duet around the nine minute mark.

After all of this, we’re pretty desperate to see Fisher and Brooks sing a proper duet in front of a huge crowd!