15-Year-Old Girl Sings “Soldier’s Light” In Military Tribute To Fallen Soldier

Rylee Preston YouTube

Grab a tissue before you start reading, and then grab an entire box before you start the video – because you’re going to need it.

15-year-old Rylee Preston’s emotional military tribute song, “Soldier’s Light,” is one of those songs that needs to be heard, as it was written in tribute to a family friend, a fallen soldier.


Guardian of Valor spoke with Rylee’s father, Jay Preston, who stated that his daughter saw how upset he was about a friend of his that lost his son in Iraq.

Army SPC. Justin Rollins was killed in 2007. She said, “I could just tell in my dad’s voice how upset he was about it, because he was feeling bad for his friend and he said he could only imagine how it would be to lose me.”

So, the first thing Rylee did was ask her father what they could do to help, rendering him speechless. What they did was travel to California to record the song “Soldier’s Light.”  On the song’s former official website, it stated:

In Justin’s memory, and the many Americans like him who gave their lives for our freedom, Rylee wants proceeds from the song to help the “Ride For The Fallen” and to build a memorial that will incorporate a light “forever lit” to remember the fallen and to honor all who have served.


The music video will pull at your heartstrings. It shows a family trying to deal with the loss of their husband and father and how it affects those left behind. Check out her music video below, but be prepared.

God bless our nation’s heroes.