2 Pythons Over 8 Feet Crash Through Ceiling

Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation / Facebook

A man in Brisbane, Australia, came home to find a hole in his kitchen ceiling and two huge snakes slithering around on the floor.

The event happened on August 31, 2020, when homeowner David Tait noticed a couple of flakes of paint and drywall that had fallen from the ceiling. He thought nothing of it and attributed it to the heavy rain they had just received, so he went about his day. Later when he came home, two snakes, both over eight feet long and weighing a combined 100 pounds, were cruising around the house. That’s also when he noticed the hole in the ceiling from which they fell through.


Both were male carpet pythons that measured around 9.5 feet and 8.2 feet, according to snake catcher Steven Brown, of Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation, who removed them from the property.


“Both these snakes were two of the fattest snakes I’ve seen, as in the amount of muscle they had,”  Brown told CNN, adding that they were“very well fed.”


When Brown arrived, he found one of the snakes next to the front door and the other in a bedroom.


He also explained that it is breeding season for the snakes and it is likely the two males were fighting over a nearby female, who could have still been in the roof or somewhere around the house. He tried checking the ceiling to see if the female was crawling around up there but was unable to, due to the lack of space.


Brown assures everyone that carpet pythons are non-venomous and not aggressive if left alone.

Watch the video below for the full story.