26 Years Later, Tre Twitty Was Finally Able To Thank Reba For Helping Family Say Goodbye To Conway

Facebook / Tre Twitty, Kirk West / Contributor / Getty Images

To Reba McEntire, family means everything. This is why we aren’t surprised to hear about this story, even if it did happen in 1993.

On June 4, 1993, Conway Twitty collapsed on his tour bus in Branson, Missouri and was rushed to a hospital in Springfield, Missouri. His children Joni, Kathy, Jimmy, and Michael were called because it wasn’t looking good for him.

They were all at Conway’s estate—Twitty City—just outside of Nashville. Three of the four siblings jumped in the car and drove to Springfield, a six—to seven-hour drive. Michael spoke with Reba McEntire in the middle of the night and told her the situation.

That’s when Reba did something he never expected.

She said, “Go to the airport, my plane is waiting, take it as long as you need it. I’ll call my pilot now.”

He did, and Conway’s four children were able to say goodbye to him before he passed away on the morning of June 5th. Later that day, Joni, Kathy, Jimmy, and Michael flew back to Nashville on Reba’s plane. Shortly after, Michael called Reba to see how much he owed her for the plane.

She said she wouldn’t accept anything from him.

Your daddy took me on tour and gave me $5,000 a night when I wasn’t worth $500; you don’t owe me anything. I loved him,” she told Michael.

Conway’s grandson, Tre Twitty (Michael’s son), told this story on his Facebook page because, in 2019, he finally met the woman who made it all possible.

I’ve been waiting 26 years to meet this wonderful lady and to tell her thank you,” he wrote. “I’m publicly telling this story because she is far too classy and modest to ever mention it.”

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