400ft Sinkhole Opens Up In Farmer’s Crop Field

Global News / YouTube

A farmer had to call the authorities after a colossal 400ft sinkhole opened up larger than a football field in the middle of his property.

Global News / YouTube

To make matters worse, the sinkhole swallowed two dogs that were playing too close to the edge. They slipped and were trapped on a small ledge where there was a 50ft drop into the water below.

There was water at the bottom of the pit and you could tell there was a flowing current underneath. If anyone was to fall in, including the dogs, it was not looking good for them. One can be easily be taken away by an underwater current and sucked underground.

“It is highly probable that the origin is associated with the presence of subterranean water flows,” the office said, according to NBC.

Global News / YouTube

Even with all the dangers apparent, police sent a rescue team who descended into the pit with ropes and rescued the dogs using cages on pullies to pull the dogs up. The pups were safely rescued and immediately taken to a veterinarian where they recieved medical treatment.

This happened on a farm in a town east of Mexico City. The Mexican government has sent military troops there to keep people from getting too close. They also set up metal barriers and have restricted people from flying drones over the sinkhole.

“This is not a tourist attraction, or a place to visit with your family,” a goverment offical said Wednesday,” according to NBC.

Footage Of The Sinkhole Below