5-Year-Old Rescued After Drifting Half-Mile Away On Unicorn Floatie

Viral Hog / YouTube

As of late, it’s become extremely popular to lounge on oversized flotation devices. From swans, to unicorns, and even pineapples, the trend has quite literally gone worldwide.

A 5-year-old girl was hanging out on a large unicorn floatie, with her parents nearby, on Sunday (August 23) in Greece. She somehow floated away from her parents, who eventually called port authorities to rescue her.

According to Lad Bible, a ferry was appointed to pick up the child. By the time she was rescued, she had drifted half a mile!

One of the members of the rescue team filmed as the young girl floated closer and closer to the ferry until she was safety taken off her unicorn floatie and reunited with her parents.

She was as calm as a cucumber when she was approaching the ferry and once she was rescued. This could have gone a very different way and the family was lucky to have their daughter safely returned to them.

Watch the video of rescue below.