Mama Bear Spotted Carrying 3 Cubs On Her Back While Crossing Lake

Nelda Powers / YouTube

Dan and Nelda Powers are new additions to the Indian Trail resort family in Sawyer County, Wisconsin, and while on the lake one evening, they filmed something amazing.

“We came across an incredible scene on one of our sunset cruises on the Chippewa Flowage in Sawyer County, Wisconsin. A mama bear safely transporting her three cubs across the water near Indian Trail Resort,” Nelda told her viewers on YouTube.

Traveling by boat on the water they spotted a mother bear swimming across the lake with three baby bears on her back. Astonished, Dan yells to Nelda, “Those are bears in the water, Nelda.” 

They slowly ride up to the furry family and pass by them in the boat. They watch the mother give it all she’s got to keep her babies afloat as well as keep her head above water. It looked like a challenging task for her, but she powered through it and eventually made her way to the shoreline.

The bears quickly climbed ashore and ran off into the nearby forest. Nelda Powers posted the video on Facebook in the Indian Trail Resort group. She also shared the video on her YouTube channel. Take a look at the video below.