6 Cows In Texas Found Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances

Tomballpi / Wiki Commons

Residents of rural Texas are growing increasingly concerned after a string of mysterious cattle deaths in several counties has happened recently.

According to reports from officials, six cows were found mutilated with their tongues removed, in a manner that appears eerily similar to cases of cattle mutilation that have been occurring in the United States since the 1970s.

Tim Doyle, a UFO investigator and lead investigator on the TV series UFO Seekers, has been speaking out about the strange occurrences.

Doyle shared a chilling story about a New Mexico State police officer named Gabe Valdez, who reported seeing a UFO-like object while investigating a case of mutilated cattle.

According to Doyle, Valdez found evidence of a triangular-shaped object landing near a cow in one of the cases from 1976.

“Then some type of tripods exiting this craft–and these tripods were anywhere from 28 inches to four inches in length,” Doyle said in a Fox News interview. “Now, Gabe said in his investigation that these tripods that exited this UFO craft followed the cow for 600 feet before the cow finally fell dead. And these tripods had little tracks that they left on the ground. Gabe returned to the same incident site for a second time and found that these tracks had actually gone over his tire tracks.”

Investigators say there were no signs of struggle or disturbance on the ground around the cows, and no footprints or tire tracks were found in the area.

Madison County Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying that two of the five cows found with mutilations had a “circular cut was made removing the anus and the external genitalia. This circular cut was made with the same precision as the cuts noted around the jaw lines of each cow.”

Despite the strange circumstances surrounding these cattle deaths, some have been quick to dismiss the possibility of extraterrestrial involvement. Fox host Will Cain wondered if the deaths could be the work of cults or kids.

However, Doyle was quick to refute these claims, saying that the surgical cuts made on the cattle were too precise to be the work of humans. In fact, even the rectum and genitalia were removed from the cattle in the same manner as in previous cases of cattle mutilation.

Some conspiracy theorists even speculate that it has to do with secret government planes releasing chemicals in the air and now they’re coming back to collect and test the cow body parts to see how the “chemtrails” are affecting the animals since they eat the grass.

Ultimately, however, the causes of these cattle deaths remain unknown, and other similar incidents have been reported across the country.

Residents of rural Texas and beyond are left wondering what could be behind these gruesome deaths, and if there is any cause for concern for their own livestock.

Video Interview With UFO Investigator Tim Doyle Below