6-Foot-Wide “Skinny House” Sells For $260K


If you’re ever in Deerfield, Illinois and you appreciate architecture, you might want to visit one particular home. Known to locals as the “pie house” or the “skinny house,” this Illinois two-bedroom, three-bathroom home is located just 35 minutes outside of Chicago. Just one look at the side of the home will have you wondering as to how anybody could actually live inside.


Built in 2003 with 1,122 square-feet of space, the home was put on the market for just under $270,000. And while that’s certainly a bargain for a spacious piece of real estate in suburban Chicago, the unusual-looking home certainly requires an open-minded owner.


At first the house looks normal enough — until you look at it from the side. That’s when you realize that, while the height and length are normal, the width of the house is almost nonexistent.

According to an Instagram post byThe American Home,  “The home appears to be no wider than 6 feet at the east end, and flares out to around 20-25 feet on the west side.”


Even though it seems unlivable from the outside, the inside is rather spacious. Combined with the right furniture that is properly placed, the interior is quite cozy. The “Pie House” was built on an unusual shaped lot which led to its unique design and build.


The main level has an open floor plan with beautiful hardwood floors that really makes the most of the odd space and the house also includes all the regular features like air conditioning, a dishwasher and a washer / dryer. Below the main level is also a basement that is fully furnished into a second room.

The “Pie House” was eventually sold on August 6, 2020.

For more on the “Pie House” watch the video below.