Blake Shelton Lists 3 Reasons Why He Loves Taylor Swift’s New Song “Betty”

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In late July, Taylor Swift dropped a surprise album titled Folklore. The 16-track album was praised by critics and fans alike for its lyrics and storytelling. Swift served as the writer or co-writer on all of the songs.

There is much debate over which one of Folklore‘s songs is its best. Many name its lead single, “Cardigan,” as the standout piece, while others find themselves drawn to “The Last Great American Dynasty” and “Invisible String.”

But one song that keeps coming up as one of the best on Folklore is “Betty.” The track connects to two others, “Cardigan” and “August,” to tell the story of a teenage love triangle. “Betty” is told from the perspective of James, who comes to Betty to beg for forgiveness after cheating on her and having a summer fling.

Many have called “Betty” the most country-sounding song on Folklore. It is even being shipped to country radio.

It turns out that at least one major country music star is a big fan of “Betty.”

That country star is Blake Shelton, who tweeted on July 29 that he has been listening to FolkloreNon stop.”

People were curious to know which one of Folklore‘s 16 tracks was Shelton’s favorite, and he was happy to answer their questions. He said his favorite song is “Betty,” and listed three reasons why he loves the track.

In true Shelton style, his explanation was a comical one.

By the way to those asking.. I like Betty the best off Folklore.. 3 reasons. It’s pretty country, it’s my dogs name. AND it drops the F bomb. Triple threat..” he wrote.

Stands to reason why Shelton would like “Betty” so much!

Speaking of “Betty,” Shelton’s trusty pup with the same name makes an appearance in his music video for his new song “Happy Anywhere.” The song is a collaboration with his girlfriend Gwen Stefani, and was released on the same day as Folklore. Check out the music video below.

Now that we’ve gotten Shelton’s opinion on Folklore, we’d love to hear what Swift thinks about “Happy Anywhere.