6-Year-Old Gives Bad Review Of Longhorn Steakhouse’s Shirley Temple – Restaurant Changes Their Recipe

Shirley Temple King / Longhorn Steakhouse / Instagram

Leo Kelly from Connecticut has done what every kid these days dreams about. He went viral.

Like most kids, Leo enjoys a good Shirley Temple every now and then. He has actually become a connoisseur of sorts and created an Instagram account to document his reviews. Wherever he and his parents go to eat, he orders a non-alcoholic Shirley Temple. His parents take a video of him taking his first sip of the drink and his brutally honest reaction.

Leo, a self-proclaimed “Shirley Temple King,” started his Instagram account in August 2019 with the following post.


In a quote to PEOPLE, Leo’s parents said, “He’s been ordering Shirley Temples from the age of 3 and always commented on them. We were on vacation at Gurney’s in Newport, Rhode Island, when Leo ordered a Shirley Temple at the pool and said ‘Dad I think I have an idea’…and the rest is history.”

Leo has a very simple criteria for reviewing Shirley Temples, which is as follows:

  • 3-4 ice cubes
  • Glass cup
  • Whole can of ginger-ale
  • Just enough grenadine
  • 3 cherries
  • extra long straw

If the drink is good enough, he will forget about it coming in a plastic cup and not a glass cup. So far, the best Shirley Temple he has reviewed came in a plastic cup! It was from Hoodoo Brown BBQ. Check out his review below.


But, not all his reviews are great. Take his experience at Longhorn Steakhouse in Arizona.

In the video, he said, “First of all, this is the biggest Shirley Temple I’ve ever seen in my life. So, that’s great news. The bad news is there’s no cherries.”

After taking a sip of the drink, he gave it a score of 5/10.


His review went completely viral and Longhorn Steakhouse even caught wind! The restaurant chain couldn’t stand for the low score, so they announced on their official Instagram page that they changed their recipe.

They wrote, “Introducing our new Shirley Temple recipe, for for ‘The King,'” the Shirley Temple King, that is!

See their announcement below.