The Man Who Jumped On Grenade To Save Fellow Marine – Story Behind Cpl. Kyle Carpenter

chiksdigscars / Instagram

William Kyle Carpenter became the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient when he received the military’s highest honor. He also received the Purple Heart for his courageous act to save his fellow American.

His actions will forever hold him in history as a hero and it started back in 2010 when Kyle was 21 years. He was just getting ranked to Lance Corporal for the United States Marines and sent to Afghanistan to fight for his country.

Kyle was manning a rooftop of a security outpost in the village of Marjah, Helmand Province when a Taliban fighter threw a grenade inside his and another Marine’s sandbagged position. Without a moment to think and with complete disregard for his own safety Kyle jumped and laid on the grenade to shield his fellow Marine beside him.

The grenade exploded and Kyle absorbed the brunt of the blast, which almost killed him, but also saved the Marine standing next to him. Doing so he lost his right eye, most of his teeth, one of his lungs collapsed and the blast shattered his jaw and right arm.

When he got back to Camp Bastion to receive medical attention he was pronounced dead on arrival. However, somehow he kicked back to life and then made it through 40 surgeries to heal and repair his body. He’s definitely a hero that deserves to be recognized and that’s exactly what happened on February 2rd, 2020.

During the 2020 Super Bowl game between the 49ers and the Chiefs, a commercial was played honoring Kyle and reminding everyone of the importance of the American flag and what it stands for. Take a look below to see the Super Bowl commercial.