650ft Horse: Largest Figurative Earth Sculpture in the United Kingdom

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If you want to see one of the coolest things in the United Kingdom, then take a trip to Caerphilly, South Wales, UK because Welsh artist Mick Petts has created a gigantic 650-foot-long horse sculpture.


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Locals call it Sultan the Pit Pony, named after a prize-winning pony from Penallta Pit, an underground coal mine that was decommissioned in the 1990s. The sculpture was built with 60,000 tons of coal and shale taken from the nearby mines.

The goal in building this project was to honor the pit ponies that worked in the mines from the 18th to 20th century.

“The role of the artist was to animate this landform into a recreational landscape & sculptural icon which symbolized the final release of the Pit-ponies onto the mountainside,” Godly Creature reported.


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In addition to that, it also serves more practical reasons, like being a windbreaker to protect the park from strong winds and being used for recreational purposes. People visiting the park are able to walk over the horse sculpture’s entire body that is raised off the ground in different spots.

That may be fun, but to get the most beautiful view of the sculpture you’ll most definitely need to see it from the sky. Some folks fly by it in a helicopter, plane, or hot-air balloon just to get a good view but if you don’t have access to any of that right now, you can watch drone footage of it in the video below.

Drone Footage Of Sultan the Pit Pony