7 Country Singers’ High School Yearbook Photos

ABC News/Paul Morigi, snakkle.com , b1047.com

One thing that every human being can relate to is how awful school yearbook photos are!

Huge country stars are no different. Everyone went through terrible phases of their lives, and thanks to school pictures, it was ALL documented.

Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite country stars’ yearbook photos by clicking the button below.

7. George Strait

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The King of Country wasn’t a King at all during his senior year of high school at Pearsall High School in 1970. We think he still looks incredible way back then!

6. Trisha Yearwood

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The “She’s In Love With The Boy” singer is totally recognizable in her Monticello, Georgia high school yearbook photo! That smile hasn’t changed in 30 years…Still gorgeous!

5. Tim McGraw

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We could spot those eyes a million miles away, could you? On the left, Tim looks like a cute Louisiana high schooler, but now he’s ruggedly handsome and totally ripped!

4. Garth Brooks



Miss Yearwood’s super star of a husband had to make this list just because of his hair! Garth looks almost unrecognizable in his Yukon, Oklahoma high school yearbook photo! Well, let’s be honest, he looks unrecognizable without a hat in general.

3. Toby Keith

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Toby graduated from Moore High School in Moore, Oklahoma and while he was there, he took a pretty epic yearbook picture. Keep in mind, it was the 70s!

2. Miranda Lambert

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A proud Texan from the city of Lindale, Miranda Lambert is a down home country girl whose high school yearbook photo screams the 90s! She has now won seven consecutive ACM awards for Female Vocalist of the Year and is up for her 7th CMA for Female Vocalist of the Year.

1. Keith Urban



Keith Urban takes the cake on best high school photo, hands down. His hair, his shirt, and his laugh make it quite possibly the best thing we’ve ever seen.

Who else do you think has some pretty good high school yearbook photos lying around? These can’t be the only country singers whose pictures have surfaced! Be on the look out!