7 Things You Don’t Know About Blake Shelton

Jason LaVeris / Getty Images

Living much of his adult life in spotlight, you may think you know all their is to know about country music superstar Blake Shelton. The  singer has had a wildly successful career in country music, releasing a total of 10 studio albums and has charted a whopping 36 singles on the US Hot Country Songs chart with a staggering 23 reaching No.1.

Between his relationship with international popstar Gwen Stefani constantly making headlines to his longstanding stay on hit television series The Voice, it would be understandable if you thought you knew all there is to know about the singer, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here’s a list of 7 things you probably didn’t know about Blake Shelton.

1. He Used To Compete In Beauty Pageants

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight the country singer admitted he was a former pageant star at his mother’s instruction.

“It’s very true. My mom put me in pageants,” admitted the singer. “I was pickin’ up chicks, man!”

While the singer may have only entered so he could perform in the talent portion of the competition, it sure is funny to think of a young Shelton in beauty pageants.

2. Toby Keith’s “I Wanna Talk About Me” Was Originally Meant For Him

What went on to become a No.1 hit for Toby Keith was originally intended and was to be released as a single in 2001 by Shelton. However, the label executive scrapped the single, later picked up by Keith’s camp for his album Pull My Chain.

3. He Wrote And Recorded A Song With His Mom

Shelton wrote and recorded “Time for Me to Come Home” with his mother, Dorothy Shackleford, for his 2012 album Cheers, It’s Christmas.

4. He Was Asked To Join The Grand Ole Opry On Twitter


After performing with fellow country singer Trace Adkins back in 2010, the singer got off stage to be greeted by one of the biggest moments in his career, being invited to join the Grand Ole Opry. Overcome with emotion, an excited Shelton responded, “I know a lot of guys who want this as bad as I do… but forget them.”

5. He Wrote A Song To Impress Gwen Stefani


At the beginning of the their relationship, Shelton wrote “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” to impress his fellow Voice coach Gwen Stefani. The couple recorded the country song as a duet, going on to reach No.13 on Billboard’s country chart. 

6. He’s Afraid Of Roller Coasters

After Stefani accidentally shared that the country singer was afraid of roller coasters during an interview on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon forced the singer to test out his brand new ride at Universal Studios, “Race Through New York.”

7. He Rescued A Man From A Flood


After spotting a man stuck waist deep in a flood, the country singer rescued the fellow Oklahoman man who became stranded pushing a truck up a hill. The singer towed the man’s truck all the way to his home.

Here’s to decades more of entertainment from one of the most talented vocalists in modern country music!