7 Times Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher Were Too Cute To Handle

AP Photo/M. Spencer Green

A true power couple that dominate both music and sports, these two beloved icons have also been known to be quite the cute couple on many occasions!

The story: a homegrown country girl grows up to be a huge music superstar and meets the athlete of her dreams? Sounds like a dream come true for her and she surely is enjoying it!

To show you exactly what we mean we’ve gathered some of the most adorable moments Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, have shared since they first wed!

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#7. Checking In On The Country Scene

Larry McCormack/USA Today
Credit: Larry McCormack/USA Today

Carrie and Mike at the CMTs talking shop with fellow country star Tim McGraw. 

#6. Reliving Their Childhood

Credit: Gary Duncan

The Grammy-winning superstar and her NHL star husband took a sweet little vacation to Disney World Resort in Florida!

#5. Exploring Their Competitive Nature

Credit: Oprah.com
Credit: Oprah.com

When they were playing a rare game of hockey (for Carrie) and he literally swept her off her feet! The whole game was too adorable to handle! 

#4. Freezing For A Good Cause

Credit: YouTube/Carrie Underwood
Credit: YouTube/Carrie Underwood

Taking their part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, they both volunteered to have a giant trough of freezing water dumped on them and she grabs his hand and squeals when the frosty water comes pouring down! 

#3. Recognizing Each Other’s Achievements

Credit: AP Photo/Mark Humphrey
Credit: AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

Taking little Isaiah along, they attended a ceremony by Mike’s hockey team, the Nashville Predators, that honored his 1000th game in the NHL. (And of course they got a celebratory kiss in there!) 

#2. Mustache Goals

Credit: Instagram/Carrie Underwood
Credit: Instagram/Carrie Underwood

They apparently wear fake mustaches together. Although, we have a feeling Mike could have a permanent one if he really wanted to. 

#1. The Face Swap

Credit: Instagram/Carrie Underwood
Credit: Instagram/Carrie Underwood

And last but not least…they’re so giving to each other they’ve decided to share faces! Yes, you guessed it – at the very top of the list is their cutest moment with their weirdest photo ever! And we love it! Just goes to show how adorable these two are!