Steven Tyler Rescues Country Singer After Public Backlash

Following a nearly endless stream of controversy and outrage from thousands of country music fans across the country, the rock legend takes a stand against all the nay-sayers and puts his foot down firmly to defend a newer country musician.

While heading through LAX on Thursday, Steven Tyler gave an impromptu interview with reporters and had some stern things to say after being asked his opinion of people calling out Sam Hunt for his music “not being country”.

Now, by this time, we’ve all heard one form or another of someone disputing Hunt’s placement in the country charts, but just as many people before him have done, he’s breaking down barriers and bringing new sounds to country music.

What does Steven Tyler think of folks labeling him as “not country”? Apparently he doesn’t think that’s appropriate whatsoever.

The reporter asks what Steven thinks of fellow country singer Sam Hunt and follows up with expressing that “people are saying he’s ‘not that country'”.

“So what!? Ever heard that country’s the new rock and roll?” the Aerosmith frontman snapped back. “Music is always evolving, so it is what it is.”

But Steven Tyler hasn’t said everything there is to say. He also loops his own forthcoming album into the fray and says that while you might think his title track isn’t “necessarily country”, a lot of it is.

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Watch Steven Tyler’s full statement in the video below.