8 Of Your Favorite Country Stars’ Picture-Perfect Halloween Costumes

(Left) Julianne Hough / Instagram/(Right) Brittany Aldean / Instagram

In addition to being talented singers, songwriters, musicians, and entertainers, many country stars are also skilled costume crafters. Every year, these country artists put together some picture-perfect costumes for themselves and their families.

It seems that country stars have really stepped up their Halloween game just within the past few years alone. Of course, they share photos of their top-notch costumes on social media, and fans always get a kick out of them!

Celebrate this Halloween by viewing some of your favorite country singers’ best costumes. Try and pick your favorite by the end of the list…though we have a feeling that may be hard for you to do!

1. Luke & Caroline Bryan

We’re going to start with one of our all-time favorite Halloween costumes right here! Luke Bryan enlisted the help of his wife Caroline to dress up a two senior citizens for Halloween 2015.

While Caroline’s tucked shirt and suspenders are certainly a nice touch, nothing can beat Luke’s costume! He definitely pulls out all of the stops when Halloween rolls around!

2. RaeLynn

Here’s another one of our favorites! Way back in 2013, former Voice contestant RaeLynn decided to dress up as her coach and good friend, Blake Shelton! But rather than dress up as a modern version of Blake, RaeLynn opted to style her costume after one of his looks from the early phase of his career.

We’d say that she nailed it…down to the mullet and everything!

3. Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert never fails to dazzle us with her Halloween costumes. But she left us absolutely spellbound with her getup for Halloween in 2013!

Instead of going solo, Miranda decided to get the staff at her Pink Pistol Boutique to join in on the fun. Everyone dressed as characters from The Wizard of Oz, with Miranda donning the signature pink gown and crown belonging to Glinda the Good Witch. She looked fabulous!

4. Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins

Country music’s cutest couple takes Halloween pretty seriously! Their costumes always match, and they’re always on point. In years past, they have dressed as Woody and Jessie from Toy Story, Harry Potter characters, and even as old-school Tim McGraw and Faith Hill!

For Halloween 2016, Thomas and Lauren went for the full-on scary approach by dressing as spooky skeletons. Their makeup was done courtesy of a good friend…Jason Aldean‘s wife Brittany! We can’t imagine how much time that must have taken her!

5. Jason & Brittany Aldean

Brittany also found the time to craft some unique makeup looks for her and Jason for Halloween 2016. She patterned her own makeup to resemble a spiderweb skeleton, while Jason’s was designed after Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight film.

Anyone in country music who needs their makeup done for Halloween…Brittany is your girl!

6. Jennifer Nettles

Earth, Wind and Fire(bird). #halloween #playingwithfiretour

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Joined by members of her crew, Jennifer Nettles dressed up to represent the iconic group Earth, Wind & Fire. Jennifer got the chance to portray the “fire” part of the equation, though she took her costume one step further.

Rather than dress up as a simple set of flames, Jennifer went to the next level by dressing as a fire bird! We love her cape!

7.  Julianne Hough

While this wasn’t exactly a costume, Julianne dressed in a delightfully spooky getup to judge Dancing With the Stars on Halloween in 2016. We’re big fans of her headpiece, which kind of gives us a spider-like vibe. Anyone else get the same feeling?

Also, check out that eye makeup!

8. Scotty McCreery & Gabi Dugal

No Halloween costume list would be complete without Scotty McCreery! The “Five More Minutes” singer is famous for his Halloween costumes, and he got girlfriend (now fiancée!) Gabi Dugal to join him for a cartoonishly-cute couples costume for Halloween 2016.

Scotty dressed up as Charlie Brown, while Gabi donned an all-white outfit and adorable hat to play Charlie’s faithful pup, Snoopy!

There you have it folks…those are eight of our favorite country singer costumes! Maybe these will give those of you who don’t have a costume yet some inspiration! 

Now, celebrate the holiday even further by enjoying one of our favorite spooky country songs in the clip below!