Chevy Announces Badass Luke Bryan-Themed SUV & It’s Every Country Boy’s Dream


There’s no stopping this country music superstar and now he has teamed up with Chevrolet for his own custom-designed SUV that will catch the eyes of country boys everywhere…

Just revealed recently, this collaboration between one of country music’s foremost and popular entertainers with a centuries-old American carmaker is truly a sight to behold – especially if you’re into hunting, fishing, and loving every day!

This killer new take on Chevrolet’s 2018 Suburban has Luke Bryan‘s fingerprints all over it – and even is badged after several of his own brands he’s launched outdoor gear and apparel under. Packing a hefty 5.3-liter V8 engine and pushing out 355 HP with 383 lb-ft of torque, this “Luke Bryan HFE Suburban” is definitely ready for anything.

Working closely with Chevy engineers and designers, Luke Bryan made sure to include comforts, convenience, and new features that he knew would come in handy and help out folks like him who love to spend time with their family outdoors.

“If you live in that hunting, fishing, loving every day mentality, you’re going to be a little more stress-free,” says Bryan. “And your quality of life will be a little better.”

Beyond just a fancy new paint scheme and some design accents, features like an outward-swinging liftgate, custom-lowered front end, upgraded Brembo brakes, and a rear-facing third-row seat with custom footwell were all added based on Luke’s recommendations and insight.

Check out this incredible new rig and all of its wicked design features in the videos below! Let us know if you would buy one in the comments!