Aaron Lewis Revives Classic Legends With Acoustic ‘That Ain’t Country’

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While it’s no surprise that music gradually adapts to the likes of current generations and trends, one country music star packed a powerful message that advised for the preservation of all things that have made country as popular as it is today. Venturing into the country music scene back in 2011, singer Aaron Lewis kicked off his entrance with an EP titled Town Line. He established his appreciation for classic country artists in a quick manner after he released a song titled “Country Boy”, which contained vocals from icons George Jones and Charlie Daniels.

However, it was Lewis’ self-written anthem “That Ain’t Country” that truly voiced his gratitude for the “classics” that his grandfather brought into his life. As a result, the song packed a powerful message that was heard by fans nationwide.

The song was debuted during a Florida concert back in August of 2014, becoming an instant hit with Lewis’ evening audience. As the bold tribute to the legends gained popularity with his fans, Lewis decided to include it on an upcoming project.

That project was revealed to be Lewis’ second studio album Sinner. The album debuted at number one on the Top Country Albums chart while also crossing over to the fourth spot on the all-genre chart.

Further showing his support of country legends, Lewis recorded a duet titled “Sinner” with country music outlaw Willie Nelson. In addition, he landed background vocals on the album from the one-and-only Vince Gill. However, it was “That Ain’t Country” that packed a powerful punch to the genre’s current “state of affairs“.

Contrasting from the song’s original cut, Lewis later decided to tone down his hit to embody an acoustic sound and stripped down vibe. His departure performance from the familiar sound was backed by an American flag and a set of killer vocals.

Be sure to enjoy Lewis’ acoustic performance of “That Ain’t Country” below and experience his album here.