Adam Levine Sings With Country Twang In “Voice” 2018 Super Bowl Commercial

YouTube/The Voice

Ever wanted to hear this pop singer belt out a country song? Well, your wish just came true!

In honor of the 14th season of NBC’s hit singing competition The Voice, and because the show’s premiere came shortly after Super Bowl Sunday, all four coaches appeared in this straw-laden commercialĀ set on a quaint little farm.

Of course, the ad opens with longtime coach Blake Shelton singing with all his might, but the words are less of a song and more of a hilarious description of his surroundings!

“Ain’t nothing like sitting on a country porch with some labrador puppies and a Clydesdale horse, and a country breeze…”

At this point, his close friend and fellow original Voice coach, Adam Levine popped up out of nowhere to give his own twangy line to the song.

“And me, Adam Levine, with awesome hair!” he belted in his best country voice. “On a motorcycle with a wallet chain, sippin’ on Grandma’s lemonade accents my cheekbones…”

From here, the video brings in returning coach Alicia Keys for her own whimsical addition to this growing country menagerie! But, let’s not forget Kelly Clarkson who joins the fun just moments later!

Check out the full video below to see all the funny things that happen when all four of these coaches and music superstars find themselves on a quaint little farm!